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Putting Gardens To Bed

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

STEP 1 Harvest everything/pull out plants:

-harvest/pull plant parts above ground; LEAVE roots to allow organic material to break down in the soil

-harvest seeds

-remove weeds, brush, and yard waste

STEP 2 Mulching: yard waste (fall leaves, cut grass, brush) /seaweed/ straw/ cardboard/ leaves/ compost

-“chop and drop” plant parts and weeds

-mulch 3 to 5cm deep


-feeds soil during winter

-protects from heavy rains and snow damaging soil structure

-prevents leeching of plant nutrients

-mulching around biennials

❗️ Sometimes too much mulch can PREVENT the ground from freezing and killing off any disease or pests it might be harboring… suggested to mulch AFTER the ground freezes

❗️Manures best applied in fall time especially those high in nitrogen like fresh sheep, horse, rabbit, and chicken.

STEP 3 Cover beds with weed barrier/membrane

-utilizing materials such as newspaper and cardboard to suppress weeds.


-suppress weed seeds as well

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