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Direct Sow Vs Transplant


•early start on planes indoors making for an earlier harvest

•save on seed cost - not sowing long rows of crops to thin them out later

•Transplanting works well for crops where you want several varieties (example peppers and tomatoes)

•starting seeds indoors in most cases results in ideal conditions (light , moisture, soil type)

•No need to thin , save time and seed cost (select the sturdier plants)

•can delay transplant if weather is bad or ‘not on schedule’

Direct Sow:

•Best for seeds that are easy to germinate or have long root systems

❗️Root crops like beets, turnips, carrots, and parsnips don’t take well to being moved

•Direct sown plants have better drought tolerance – the roots grow without damage.

•Mature faster due to no root damage; an inevitable recovery time that transplants experience

•Grow areas can be revegetated quickly and cheaply

•less work sowing seeds in soil using techniques like broadcasting, and also lower cost then buying transplants

•some plants like corn and radish are too numerous to transplant

Vegetables like squash, zucchini, and cucumbers, show no real benefit to starting them early indoors. The days to harvest are virtually the same

❗️could cause transplant shock resulting in stunted growth and/or recovery time

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