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Cool & Warm Season Crops

Updated: May 10, 2022

Warm-season crops, or traditional summer crops, are crops whose FRUITS rather than roots or leaves are the edible part. These plants require warm soil and high daytime temperatures to thrive and develop fruits.

-Germinate in soil temps 65 degrees or higher

-Planting times for warm-season veggies are usually mid to late spring

-can handle cool nights, but frost can be devastating

-they are always planted after the last frost date

-have only one growing cycle








•summer squash




Cool Season Crops are early vegetables that cannot only withstand cold temperatures, but they also need them to germinate, grow, and mature-they grow best with a relatively cool air temperature (50 to 60 °F). These plants are the first ones to be planted in the garden year and then again in the fall. They grow well during the short and cool days of spring and fall

-plant cool-season crops early enough in the spring so they can complete their full-cycle up to harvest before the temperatures get too warm (possible bolting) ❗can purchase bolt resistant crops

-some can withstand warmth, however the quality and taste are sacrificed

-even some cool weather crops can’t tolerate frost -A general rule is that you want to plant your cool-season veggies, so they mature before your daytime temperatures exceed 80°F




•Brussels sprouts





•Swiss chard







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