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•Compost is the result of decomposition (breaking down) of organic material into a rich black humus containing nutrients, organic compounds, and micro organisms that are very beneficial for soil and plants. What else is it? A EXCELLENT FERTILIZER FOR YOUR GROW SPACE

•The Key to composting is two sources of organic materials :

🟢Green materials serving as a Nitrogen and protein source - the items that tend to heat a compost pile up because they help the microorganisms in the pile grow and multiply quickly (Items include: grass clippings, coffee grounds/tea bags, vegetable and fruit scraps, weeds that haven’t set seed, and animal manures)

🟤 Brown Materials are carbon or carbohydrate-rich; The main function is to be food sources for the soil-dwelling organisms that will work with the microbes to break down the organic material.Also, help to add bulk and help allow air to flow through the pile (Items include: fall leaves, twigs/branches, straw/hay, saw dust, newspaper, and cardboard)

•🚫DO NOT add meats, fats, dairy and oils to compost due to how long they take to breakdown, smell, and possible pest.

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