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Buying Starter Plants

•Thick, sturdy stems with deep green foliage

•Avoid :

- plants with multiple yellowing leaves or those that may be spotted, curled, or misshapen.

-wilted or dried out plants

- plants that are root-bound (outgrown their pot) which can cause permanent stunting (can also lead to transplant shock)

•Check underside of leaves for insect eggs and small insects; example aphids / spider mites

•Choose crops “in season”

•Choose correct variety ( ie heat/cold tolerant, indeterminate vs determinate, long season vs short season, etc.)

•Read label : plan for the crops needs like amount of sun, size, spacing , soil type, etc .

•Buy local: local growers raise their own crops on site. Plants tend to be better cared for as well as being better suited to local growing conditions.

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