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What is Brix

“Brix is a measure of the amount of dissolved solids in a liquid via its specific gravity, and is used especially to measure dissolved sugar.”One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution

(Strictly speaking, the Brix measurement determines pure sucrose content in water)

With Fruits & Veggies…

The brix level is the percentage of solids present in the juice of a plant. These solids are mostly made up of sugar and minerals

Testing Brix

Testing the brix level of fruits and vegetables will give you a good idea of their quality, including not just sugars but critical minerals and trace minerals

Higher Brix Means :

•Better flavor

•Healthier Plants

•Higher nutrition value

•Longer shelf Life

…Conduct a Brix text ;many different instruments used to do so - the one pictured is called a Optical refractometer.

Optical Refractometer - simple inexpensive tool that has a built in scale, range 0-32, to see how high or low the sugar content is in a liquid.

You can determine the quality of specific Fruits/Veggies by using the Brix chart ranging from Poor, Average, Good or Excellent

When the brix reading is high, it means the sugar content and mineral content of the fruit or vegetable are high. The higher the brix, the better it is going to taste!

Also - the higher the brix, the healthier the plant, and the less problems you are going to have with insects and disease

❗️ Of course, as fruit gets overly ripe it will become sweeter, which also causes the brix to go up

📈🍬How to raise your Fruit & Veggies Brix level in the Garden…

•soil conditioner with concentrated sea minerals = minerals increase the nutrients in what you grow

•restore soil food web = results in increasing carbon levels in the soil which raises Brix levels

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